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Brave is the seed and the tree, the potential and the growth. It is manifesting what is already at the heart of us, discovering what we are capable of and having the courage to cultivate our well-being.

We strongly believe in collaborative work. Between you and us, between the different therapies and techniques (allopathic, complementary and traditional medicine), between the different facets of the human being (holistic - physical, psychological, relational, spiritual ). But above all, we strongly believe in investment, the will and the desire to evolve, the courage to take charge. 

Brave is a passionate team, humbly traversing the varied landscapes of human nature. We explore the different reliefs of the body, mind and heart, whether in our personal lives or through our work. Along the way, we collect all that is good to transmit so that you can benefit from it through our teachings, exercises and treatments. 

We offer complementary individual and community physical training services, as well as massage therapy and other manual techniques. Our goal is your independence. We offer you to live in your body with new sensations and capacities, actionable knowledge and constant support so that your potential for human well-being is released.

Mamoun et Maud - Vos Coachs santé
Mamoun et Maud - Vos Coachs santé
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