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believe that sedentarism is the root cause of most today's physical and psychological ailments, which make us WEAK, DEPRESSED and POWERLESS.v

Primal Training is a lifestyle that supports the benefits of initial steps in building a healthy, pain-free body along with ancestral wisdom that relates to nutrition, meditation, and overall routines.

At Primal Training we believe that:


Fitness is viewed as a task or burden for most people. We should be looking forward to working out as children do. By seeing workout as a game, you get to stimulate your body in making different movement patterns. You practice commitment to move more often and finally incorporate a sustainable exercise habit.

EAT LIKE YOUR GRANDMA Only eat whole foods and close to zero processed foods. Processed foods have been proven to be inflammatory, and they are void of nutrients, making us crave more food and leading to an endless downward spiral.


Yes, you are different. We have different ethnicities, different metabolisms and different circadian rhythms, and thus we perform differently using different lifestyles. We recognize that, and that's why we think that our personalized approach will help you reach your maximum potential.

Primal Training was founded by Mamoun in 2018 to share with the world his holistic vision on fitness, health and mindset.

The training methodology focuses mainly on building a body that is both strong and functional, a mindset that is resilient and ready to accommodate clients' transformations and a nutrition that supports and nourishes the clients to be able to achieve their goals.

All the clients at Primal Training go through these training phases:

1- Foundation 2- Strength 3- Balance

We make sure that before starting any exercise program, any injury and/or muscle imbalance is addressed and taken into account in the program, which is why we make sure to assess thoroughly new clients.

Watch this video to learn more about how the project of Primal Training came about:


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